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Cool Coffins

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This page is a work in progress, but will soon bring you a selection of companies that offer some of the more 'cooler' alternatives to the 'traditional' wooden box...such as.......


Click here to visit www.coffincompany.co.uk

Whether you want wood or cardboard, you can get just about anything printed/stensiled onto your coffin. It's just a question of the limits of your imagination. If you find yourself lacking inspiration, then the Coffin Company also has a great ideas to help you get something individual and personal to you - and price wise you may be plesently surprised.


Possibly not the most environmentally friendly, but not bad, and without doubt the most stylishly designed coffin we can find - handmade in Germany (so should be pretty good quality) these bespoke 'cocoons' have a highly polished finish and come in an array of very 'sophisicated' colours.

                                                                                   Lastly for now, we have the Ecopod - hand made from recycled newspaper, the flowing lines of this coffin are almost Egyptian like. Fully bio-degradable, so suitable for all types of final departure, they are also available in a range of elegant colours.


Funeral Information | Coffins |  Cool Coffins

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