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Cryonic Preservation

Cryonics is the speculative practice of cooling people immediately upon the pronouncement of legal death, in the hope that at some future point, new technology may be able to resuscitate them and restore the person to full health, it is also a very expensive alternative to a traditional funeral.

Although considered the stuff of science fiction, there have been many advances in the understanding and practicalities of the whole process, making cryonics an ever more realisable concept. While the odds of reanimation are questionable, medical advancements such as cloning and stem cell research are making the possibility of cryonics not so far-fetched.

The facilities available to carry out this procedure are only at present available in the USA, but with the help of dedicated UK groups, your body can still be preliminarily prepared here, and then shipped to the US for the full procedure to be carried out. Pre-preparation and speed of action after “legal death” are paramount. (See link on how to “Remove a body from England & Wales”)

Only approximately 150 people have been put through the whole cooling process and are now stored in the specially designed liquid nitrogen tanks at -196° C, but as many as a thousand are signed up and ready to go when the inevitable happens – many of them living here in the UK.

Money wise, cryonic preservation is expensive (whole body preservation is in the region of £90,000, and for just a head – about half that amount). Even though there is no guarantee of a successful outcome, when compared to other forms of body disposal, this one is hopefully not quite so finite. Millions of people spend a few pounds every week on the lottery in the hope of a “better life”, why not put that money into one of the specialist insurance schemes available, and instead have the chance of a “second life” – the odds of the latter happening are probably better!