Funeral Photography / DVD

This section is split into two. Firstly we cover compilation DVD’s or slide shows that can be made in tribute of the person who has passed away and either shown at the funeral/memorial, or kept as a keepsake, and secondly, actual DVD production or photography of the funeral or memorial service itself, again for a lasting memory for those left behind.

Compilation DVD or Slide Show

Memorial DVD slide shows can be a very good way to remember someone. These can be shown at the funeral or memorial service, or just kept for personal viewing as a comforting reminder and celebration of their life. They can incorporate photos of their childhood, family, talents, hobbies, achievements, be funny or serious, they can be set to music, or just played in silence.

It can be a great reminder of how someone lived their life, for both old and young family and friends. There are a few companies that offer this service, but with a standard home computer these days, just about anybody can put a compilation together, or at least know a family friend who could.

Photography / DVD Production

Some people may think that taking pictures or filming a Church Funeral, Cremation Ceremony or Memorial Service is a bit macabre, but for a lot of people, it means a great deal to be able to look back on what is a very emotional day when we say goodbye to a loved one for the last time.

It’s a day where people will share their personal memories of the deceased, often saying many wonderful things about them, some of which you had forgotten, or even never knew. These new memories will become very special, but understandably, you may be overcome with emotion on the day and unable to take it all in at the time, which is where using a professional to discreetly record the day, can be a very positive choice. Having photographs or a DVD, will enable you to watch the event at a later date and in your own time.

It is also very useful if there are relatives living abroad and unable to attend the funeral or cremation service, it means you would be able to send them copies of the day and they too, would feel that they were almost there with you.

Below are some links to companies that advertise themselves as specialists in funeral photography and film making. You may find that even though your local photographer does not advertise funeral photography as a service, they would be more than capable of supplying the service if asked. Click here to visit
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(specialist funeral photography covering whole of London) (Sussex and surrounding area) (East Anglia) (Wiltshire & surrounding area)