Headstones / Memorials – Contemporary

This category includes what may be classed as more bespoke grave markers. Although we have “labelled” the standard memorial ware as “traditional”, you could very easily argue that these more contemporary ones should really be called that, as traditional crafts and skills are used to make them as opposed to modern machinery. Anyway, here we incorporate hand carved and individually designed headstones and grave markers. Using a variety of different materials from stone and slate, to oak, bronze, resin or glass, for the right price you could have something that is a piece of art in itself, and as individual as the person it memorialises.

www.memorialartscharity.org.uk has produced an excellent booklet called “Art and Memory” showcasing the memorial works of over 50 traditional letter-carvers throughout the UK.

Check out the links below, for some more beautiful, individual handcrafted pieces..

www.peoplestribute.co.uk (crafted from Welsh Slate)

Gravestones (hand carved, bespoke designs by Fergus Wessel))