Multimedia Grave Markers

 Multimedia grave markers, although not common in the UK, are beginning to get a foothold in the American memorial market, and could do the same here before long. By incorporating digital information with the grave stone or memorial, photographs and even commentary of the deceased’s life can be viewed and/or listened to, by anyone who is interested.

At the present moment there are two main contenders from the US (see below), but in the UK the focus is presently in the direction a QR (quick response) barcode to be etched or glued on to a stone or metal plate and then fixed discreetly to the gravestone. The barcode could technically also be attached to benches, plaques or even trees and shrubs. Scanned with a mobile device (such as a phone or ipad), the QR code links to a website that provides pictures and information about the deceased – an online obituary embedded in a slab of granite or at the base of a tender sapling. Follow this link for more information.

Vidstone uses a small 7” LCD Panel that attaches to most upright or slanted grave site monuments. At the mere touch of a button, a 5 to 8 minute video plays on the screen, recounting the most precious and poignant memories of a loved one. Even though it’s relatively small, many grave sites would not presently allow an external addition like this on a marker/memorial, but that may change in the future.

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Memory Medallion, the alternative solution, takes the form of a small metal disc that is incorporated in the headstone or memorial itself. This metal disc contains a micro chip that stores information such as a picture and brief biography of the deceased, which can then be read with the use of a special small hand held devise. This simple, unobtrusive system, installed at a memorial site, lets you preserve and share the image and life story of someone for generations to come.

Whichever system is favoured, the idea of incorporating more information about a person other than a name and two dates, could revolutionise grave sites across the country.

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