An obituary, can be a simple notice of death, or a whole biography of someone passed away. It can be posted in the newspaper – be it local or national, or even put on-line for ever more.

Most obituaries will be written by a relative or close family friend, and although there is no set way of doing it, there are a few important things to consider and include.

Firstly, check on length restrictions, you don’t want the text edited by the newspaper for being too long, and have important bits missed out. If it’s just a couple of lines, include the full name, date of birth and place of death, along with who has survived them, and where and when the funeral service will take place. Mention also where flowers or donations can be sent. If you have the space to spare, now you could detail the life in some way – put where they were born, where they were educated, where they worked, where they lived, their family and friends, their pass times and loves. Writing an obituary is always very personal – like a Eulogy, they can be humorous, but should always be respectful.

For those of you who don’t think you can do the job justice, below are a couple of links to professional writers, that may be of assistance. (US based)

Also we have included links to some on-line obituary/memorial sites, which may be appropriate to some, but certainly not all.

And lastly, for those with a little bit more cash to spend, why not have a full personal biography written and bound by a professional – at several thousands of pounds it’s not cheap, but for the rich and famous, it might be just what you’re looking for.