About us

As a British/Australian husband and wife team, having previously lived and worked all over the world, we are now based in Suffolk, England. Our background is not in the funeral industry, but having recently experienced the funerals of close relatives, we, as with most people, considered what kind of funeral we would want when the inevitable happens to us.

This led us to research what our options actually were – a process we found extremely time consuming and quite frustrating. It didn’t help that we didn’t really know what it was we were looking for either. This frustration evolved into the concept of a single, independent free website, that could pool all the relevant information, services and businesses together, to hopefully help enquiring minds make informed decisions for themselves more easily.

www.funeralinpirations.co.uk can hopefully achieve this, and promote the concept of funeral pre-planning as a sensible, constructive practice, as opposed to a morbid taboo subject.