Arranging and Paying for a Funeral

Organising a funeral can be a traumatic and stressful, not to mention costly affair. Like any forward planning, it is worth considering what sort of funeral you or your relative want and what you wish to happen to your or your loved one’s body, if possible before the event happens.

Britain’s funeral business is worth £1 billion a year and is currently self regulating but there have been demands that it be more strictly controlled. The growing commercialisation of funerals and the large number of small family firms of funeral directors being taken over by conglomerates has resulted in an increasing number of people considering other options which can offer a more personalised feel, such as those at woodland burial sites.

The other option of course is do it yourself. Historically that is how families used to care for their dead, and there’s no law at all to say you can’t – see the page below on DIY funerals.

Using a Funeral Director

DIY Funeral

How to pay for a funeral