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I am here to help you explore the endless funeral choices you have.
Whether you are planning for yourself or a loved one, you deserve to know what your options are.

What is a Normal Funeral?

As well as an acknowledgment of a loss, a funeral should be a reflection and a celebration of life.
My aim is to inspire and encourage people to take an active role in planning and personalising their funeral or think outside of the box when planning a funeral for someone close to them

Choosing Something Personal And Unique


Free Funeral Planning Template

The first step into planning your own funeral is to complete our free funeral wishes template so that your family and funeral director know exactly what your wishes are.

We have worked with solicitors and funeral directors to bring you an easy to complete Funeral Wishes form for your family

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Funeral Ideas​

We offer a comprehensive catalogue of ideas and information, businesses, books, organisations and charities, which can help you find what you’re looking for.

Read our huge list of funeral ideas below to help you understand a few more of the possibilities and options available

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Non Religious or Religious?

Traditional funerals tend to be very religious, whether that is the music played or having a verse from the bible read at the ceremony. Whilst a lot of people like this, it isn’t for everyone.

We have written a number of modern alternatives to a traditional funeral and not all of them include burial or cremation at the end.

Read Non Relgious Funeral Ideas

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Who Am I?

Funeral Inspirations Is What I Wish I had Found When Planning a Family Funeral

We are a couple, based in the UK, who started exploring the options available when faced with the thought of death after attending a friend’s funeral.

The exploring quickly transformed into this free to use website where we have tried to pull together all of the businesses and our experiences to help showcase what is possible and what options you have.

Some Of Our Popular Content

Popular Funeral poems

Knowing what to say at a funeral is hard. We have compiled a list of, not only the most popular, but the most suitable funeral poems we have found.

Bereavement Gift Ideas

Knowing what to say or how to console a grieving friend or family member can be difficult. Here are some unique ideas to help you pick the right way

Funeral Plans

What are funeral plans?
We get a lot of questions about pre-paid funeral plans and so we have written a guide to help you understand a bit more

Cremation Ashes Ideas

You might be here after attending a funeral has taken place and you do not know what to do with your loved one’s ashes. We have a huge guide to help you with inspirations al ideas.

We continue to share knoweldge from industry experts

Working with people who are active in the industry helps us understand and share more with our readers

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