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My Funeral Wishes Template

Including a free after death instructions template

As well as a time for family and friends to say goodbye, a funeral can be a time for reflection, and even celebration of a life lost. There are many choices (as this website has hopefully shown you) as to how it can be conducted. You may take the attitude that what happens to you after death doesn’t matter, you won’t care, you’ll be dead – or you may have exacting plans for what should take place, where and how. Either way, what is important, is to write it down, so those who are left behind know what your wishes are. This can save a lot of heartaches and even avoid family arguments at a time of grief if those left behind know what you would have wanted.

After Death Wishes

Funeral wishes, whether in a Will or as described below, are not however legally binding. It is, therefore, sensible to identify who will give instructions for your funeral, so you feel confident that your wishes will be followed as closely as possible.

Our free Funeral Wish template (or Wish List) can be filled in online, downloaded, and printed from the link below.

Many companies charge for this list, but at the end of the day, it’s not rocket science, just informed common sense, and as it’s fundamental to promoting funeral pre-planning (which is the purpose of this website), we have chosen to offer it for free.

If you want you can add to it, amend it, or delete sections that don’t apply. Most importantly, keep this document with your Will, and somewhere known to the person arranging your funeral, as often the Will is not read until after the funeral, in which case your wishes may not be known until it’s too late!

Funeral Wishes Checklist funeral instructions template

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