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Funeral Flower Ideas

Unique Funeral Flower Ideas and Arrangements

Whether you are organising flowers for the funeral or you are looking to take (or send) a wreath to the ceremony, there are alot of options for you.

Choosing appropriate flowers for the occasion is difficult when emotions are running high. You can hire a florist or do it yourself, but the goal is to bring out the lovely memories of your loved one.

When you, a colleague, or a friend is grieving, a funeral flower arrangement can be an excellent way to honor the departed life. Funeral flowers can add beauty and warmth to the funeral or memorial service of a loved one.

Don’t let grief and confusion consume your emotions when you can get help with flower ideas that represent your loved one’s likes, tastes, and personality when they were alive.

Funeral Flower Ideas and Arrangements

Here are some funeral flower ideas and arrangements to help the bereaved cope with their loss.

A Casket Blanket

A casket basket is a beautiful idea that exudes love and care. At a funeral, covering the casket with a basket full of flowers creates a positive atmosphere.

It represents your love for the departed even after they have died. The casket basket’s construction is straightforward, as you can make it using a piece of fabric and flowers.

The flower bases are made of burlap, and to attach the flowers use a wire.

A Casket basket should cover most of the casket, with flowers flowing down on both sides.

As a result, a casket blanket is ideal for use with closed coffins. You can still use it if you don’t have a closed one. Drape the flowers down from the waist.

Still, the blanket will symbolise love since that will show the departed is warm even in their death.

Dress the casket according to the departed. For example, if you are looking for funeral flower ideas for mum, choose the feminine colors and design. 

Make a casket blanket for mum from roses, alstroemeria, carnations, orchids, lilies, and heather. These flowers bring out the motherly and compassionate love that we get from our mothers.

funeral flowers
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Pictures of Funeral flowers arrangements

A Casket Spray

A casket spray is used to adorn the top of the casket. In most cases, it is the family that uses it to pay tribute to their beloved.

To make a casket spray, use green and fresh flowers of your choice. It covers the entire casket, whether closed or open.

In a memorial or funeral service, a casket spray is noticeable from a distance. That is because a casket spray adds beauty and elegance to a casket.

It comes in a different array of sizes, styles, and prices. 

Choose the flowers with the colors that the departed loved. You can pick an orange or red casket spray, then mix it with roses. Such an arrangement is perfect for funeral flower ideas for a man.

Interflora can make for you a casket spray with bright carnations and orchids. They can put half of the spray in pink roses and the rest in beautiful white roses. 

Easel Sprays

These sprays sit on an easel, and they are the first flowers that people see when they enter a funeral. To make easel sprays, you can use red roses, carnations, or lilies. The arrangement can be of any shape, ranging from squares, hearts, etc.

Mostly the floral arrangement for easel sprays shows only the front view only. But in case you need them to be all-round, you can opt to have the ones made from baskets or vases. 

flower ideas
flower ideas

Funeral Flower Pillows

The shape of funeral flower pillows’ floral arrangement is that of a pillow. You can give a funeral flower pillow to anyone because it represents peace and comfort.
On the bottom is something resembling a carpet made of Chrstanths, with a flower arrangement on top. Put flowers and foliage to make the design pop and look beautiful.
You can add ribbons that have colors of your choice to the edges. There are many designs to choose from, ranging from traditional to contemporary.
The pillows are also available in a variety of colors and sizes, including 15”, 20”, and 24”. Most florists will customize the pillows to your specifications.

Funeral Hearts

Hearts are unique funeral ideas for flower arrangements. That is because of the heart’s present love and care.

You can send the heart’s flowers to family members or close friends. Heart flowers are ideal in gravesites, church ceremonies, or near the casket. 

To make them significant and fit the occasion, keep them at the front of the casket. While making funeral hearts, choose white, red, and pink flowers. 

Mostly, the funeral hearts come with a stand. The heart decorations range from one person to another, containing a special message for the bereaved. 

Pictures of Funeral flowers arrangements
funeral flowers

Funeral Crosses

These depend on the religion of a person. Christians use the crosses and place them in front or beside the casket. The ideal person to have funeral crosses is a person who died as a Christian. The procedure for making funeral crosses is the same as that of wreaths. 

The only difference is that the wreaths can take any shape, but the cross can’t. You can use lilies, roses, lavender, orchids, or any flower of your choice. 

Flower Baskets

These are sent to a bereaved family by friends. The ideal time to send flower baskets is when you are not in a position to attend a funeral.

It symbolizes that you are together with the family, and they are in your thoughts. Flower baskets are not big when you compare them to other floral arrangements at a funeral.

You can put some roses and lavender in your basket. The lavender is good since its purple bloom contrasts the roses and tones down the brightness.

Pictures of Funeral flowers arrangements
funeral flowers

Dish Garden Flowers

Dish gardens are sent as sympathy flowers to the bereaved family. Sending these flowers is a unique way of telling the family that you are together in grief. 

The flowers are green and white. The white symbolizes rebirth and innocence, whereas the green means respect to the departed. 

Table Arrangements Flowers

You can use dish gardens, plants, or vases for the table arrangements. If you want to send sympathy flowers for the table, don’t pick the large vases. Small flowers are ideal, and they can make them beautiful.

Don’t complicate the flowers since there isn’t a particular order to follow when it comes to these. Whatever floral arrangement you choose, let it fit the occasion. 

funeral flowers
funeral flowers

Floor Bouquets 

You can send floor bouquets to a grieving family. The flowers sit on the floor, and you can use them to decorate a funeral or memorial service pathway.

The floor bouquets have flowers and a greenery floral aspect. A combination of floor bouquets and other floral arrangements is fantastic.

Wreaths and Garlands

The family usually buys wreaths and garlands. It is not a good idea to send them to a grieving family.

You can make wreaths using roses and lilies. Any shape is perfect, though the most common ones are round, and you can hang them up at the funeral.

You can make garlands like ropes and make them long. Mostly, you can wrap garlands around the coffin or hang them on the top of the casket.

funeral flowers
Pictures of Funeral flowers arrangements

Meadows of Memories

This is an arrangement that surrounds the urn. It is an excellent idea to let the family of the departed select and design Meadows of Memories. You can make this arrangement enclose any unique item that can commemorate the deceased.

For example, you can use it to surround photographs and place them in your house. Designing the arrangement with pink and purple lavender, carnations, aster, green cymbidium, or orchids is excellent. They bring out that soothing feeling and make the house warm and memorable.

They are ideal for keeping the memories of the deceased alive.

Flower Seeds

You can opt to send flower seeds to the bereaved family with a card. In this case, the family can plant the flower on the grave of their departed. The flowers, when grown, represent the memory of their loved ones. 

Customize the card to incorporate the memories of the bereaved person. Once you plant the seeds, you can keep the card for the memories. 

funeral flowers

Funeral Flower Ideas for a Man

Its important to know that flowers aren’t an inherent female gesture. Flowers are a show of love and sympathy so looking for a spray or wreath that is masculine isn’t necessary.
To make the funeral and tribute fitting, use a flower that your Dad, Father, Brother, Son or Grandad liked or one that features a colour of significance.
We have copied below some ideas that we have found and have been supplied by florists around the country. I hope the below will give you some ideas for supplying funeral flowers for a treasured man in your life.

For some ideas of what to write on a funeral flower card for your dad – we have some ideas from our team of writers that might help give you some inspiration.

Hobby Flowers

Including items from a hobby or activity alongside the flowers is a great idea to showcase the passion of the deceased. Things like golf clubs & fishing rods lend themselves well to these ideas but really anything can be used with some imagination. Using the item, rather than just the flowers will also keep the costs down.

Letter Flowers

A more traditional approach is to create a flower letter or word using flowers of meaning. That could be certain colours or a particular type of flower that the deceased had a liking for.

Personalised Wreath

There are so many options, but the price will come into play when looking at more personalised funeral flowers. Below are some ideas from Funky flowers – they have a vast array of ideas and designs starting from about £150 ranging up to £500 depending on the design and flowers you would like.

For some extra ideas, below are funeral flower touches that might not be the main tribute but will help make the funeral a personal and meaningful one

Funeral Flower ideas For Mum

Flowers you Can Use for The Funeral

Here are some different types of flowers to use with information on the meaning behind each funeral flower
For their full meaning, please read our funeral flower meaning guide


Pink Orchids represent and eternal love.

Dendrobium orchids are generally the most popular kind and used as a sign of sympathy

orchids funeral

They go beyond a traditional arrangement. Though orchids may not look as big as a bunch of roses, their beauty and fantastic message are excellent for the bereaved.

Orchids are good if you are selecting sympathy flowers. They have a deeper meaning of showing everlasting love to the bereaved.

They mean “I will love you forever,” which goes a long way to comfort the bereaved family. It shows that even after death, the mourners will always keep the deceased in their hearts forever.

Orchids are available in a wide range of colors. But when you are sending or making a flower arrangement, consider pink and white orchids since they are the true meaning of love.


Lilies represent the restoration of innocence of the soul

lilies funeral

You can get lilies in cream and white. When florally arranging with lilies, you can achieve a traditional look. That is because these flowers are traditional funeral flowers.

Their perfume lingers in any surrounding, and since the flowers symbolize renewal and hope, they are suitable for funerals. You can create any arrangement that fits the funeral theme.


Chrysanthemums are symbolic of death. in South America and the US they are seen to resemble truth.

chrysanthemums funeral

Most people shorten their names and call them mums. The good thing about mums is that they can stand alone since they have big blooms. But when put with other flowers, they bring out a lovely arrangement.

Pair them with orchids, roses, and lavender to give you a lovely bouquet. 


White Carnations represent pure love
Red carnations represent admiration

Pink carnations represent remembrance.

carnations funeral

Carnations have been around for a century now. They are used all over the world, and they look good on their own. But, you can mix with other flowers if you wish. Carnations are either white or pink. 

White symbolizes purity and pink remembrance. A good time to use them at a funeral or a memorial service is when welcoming the guest. 


hyacinths funeral

To brighten up the funeral, use hyacinths. They have an array of lovely, bright colors. These symbolize the bright side of the departed and show their vibrant life. Whichever floral arrangement you choose with hyacinths, they pop out to give you a beautiful feel.

You can tone them with other flowers of your choice or choose to have them alone.


White Rose means innocence and youthfulness
Red roses mean respect and love.
Pink roses signify love & grace
Dark Red roses denote grief and sorrow
Yellow roses represent friendship.

roses funeral

Almost in all funeral arrangements, you will find roses. They show love and respect for the departed. Roses come in different sizes and colors. The most significant ones are red and white. The red roses are ideal for funerals because they symbolize love and admiration. Roses can also be planted in remembrance in alot of countries.

What Is Appropriate For Funeral Flowers?

It is a nice idea to send flowers to sympathize with the bereaved family. But it is good to understand the appropriate arrangements for funeral flowers, when and where to send them, or when not to send them. Below are some general etiquette tips

To Send the Flowers to the Home or Funeral?

It will depend on the relationship you have with the bereaved. If it is a family member or a friend, you can send the flowers to their home. The size of the flowers should not outdo a home set-up. Don’t take huge flowers, but a simple flower basket is good.

If a group of people sends the flowers, for example, consider sending them to the funeral. That is because each member can take part in the making of the wreaths or bouquets. So the size of the flowers might be large. 

Funeral flowers arrangements

When to Send the Funeral Flowers

There is no specific time to send the flowers. When death knocks, the bereaved take time to heal. That means if you immediately learn of the death, you can arrange for a flower bouquet. 

You can also send them to the funeral if you so wish.

But even after the funeral, you can send the flowers to show the family that you still think about them. 

What Kind of Flowers Should You Send?

You can send flowers that are within your reach. If you can afford a spray casket or a wreath, go ahead and send them. The best flowers are lilies, roses, carnations, gladiolus, etc.

When you Should Not Send Flowers

It’s a wonderful gesture to send flowers. But sometimes, the family requests mourners not to send flowers. Instead, they can choose something different to receive from family and friends.

Some religions don’t accept flowers. If the departed come from the Islamic faith or Jewish, then don’t send flowers. Though they don’t wholly prohibit the idea of flowers, what you can do is ask beforehand. 

The major reason for not accepting flowers in these religious settings is because they bury their beloved almost immediately. So they see no need to receive the flowers. That’s why it is necessary to ask first before sending. 

Can You Send Flowers If There is No Funeral?

You can send flowers any time. If the funeral is over or it has not taken place, feel free to send them. Flowers are a sign of sympathy, so there is no specific time to send.

Funeral flowers arrangements

What if They Cremated The Deceased?

Most families hold memorial services after cremation. In such instances, flowers can be a friendly gesture. Despite that, if they are not holding any service, consider sending some flowers. With the help of a florist, you can pick a bouquet that symbolizes good deeds.

The Burial Is at the Graveside. Should You Send Flowers?

Here, make some inquiries to be sure. When burial is taking place in cemeteries, you will find that some accept flowers others don’t. The best way to get the correct information is to check with the funeral arrangement.

But as we have said before, if you are not sure, there is no harm in sending flowers at home. 

To Arrive With the Flowers for the Funeral or Not To

It’s not a good idea to carry flowers to a funeral or a memorial service. That will bring confusion since people will start looking at where to place the flowers. Remember, the venue is already set, and the flowers are put in the right place. 

You can wait till the event is over and arrange how to deliver the flowers to the family. 

Alternatives To Funeral Flowers On A Coffin

What Can I Put On a Coffin Instead of Flowers? 

If you don’t want to have flowers, use these instead:


Using portraits instead of flowers is a fantastic idea. The portraits add a personal touch because you can use a photo of the departed. When designing portraits, you can choose to use the services of a professional. 

Alternatively, use canvas to make some personal decorations. The upside of using portraits is because a family member can go with them at home.

funeral flowers

Fruit Baskets

When you choose to go with the fruit baskets, pick the fruits you love or the departed loved. Most people pick oranges, apples, bananas, or berries. You can tell your guest to send fruit baskets instead of flowers.

When the funeral is over, share the fruits with the mourners. If you feel it is not a good idea, donate the fruits to whoever you wish. The good thing about fruit baskets is that you can share the fruits with the mourners.

funeral flowers

Casket Palls

These can be any piece of clothes with different symbols. An excellent example of a casket pall is a national flag. When a military person dies, they place a flag on top of the casket. 

Casket palls can be anything that you can make with a cloth and incorporate unique designs. A family can choose what design to use as long as it rhymes with their funeral theme. 


Mostly, you can choose your favorite books or a book from the departed library. If the deceased were a Christian, a bible could be good. 

funeral flowers

Memory Notes

You can ask the mourners to write their memorable moments with the departed and stick them on the casket. They can use cards or colorful papers to make the casket look colorful. You can opt to choose the shape of the cards that you want.

For example, if the deceased were a loving person, they can stick the cards to make a shape of the heart. 

What Is the Average Cost of Funeral Flowers?

The average cost depends on the flowers and type of arrangement. Here are the prices you can expect:

Flowers Price (£)
Basic Boquet (with added lilies, roses, etc.)£34.49 – £200
A casket spray (with different flowers)£60 – £350
Wreaths or stand up sprays£45 – £220
Complete floral arrangement £220 – £500
Pallbearers’ boutonnieres£4 – £15
funeral flowers

After paying the above amount for the flowers, alot of families like to keep or preserve flowers to keep as a memory of the funeral. We have outlined over 15 ideas of what to do with funeral flowers after the ceremony, which I hope will help.

Final Thoughts

There are so many funeral flower ideas you can use. Make your beloved funeral unique by using flowers to honor the days they lived on earth. Let the funeral be a happy day to celebrate a life well-lived. As well as choosing the right flower, knowing what message to write in a funeral flower remembrance card can be an emotional/daunting task, we have listed some ideas to help.