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Cheap Coffins

The Oxford English Dictionary describes a coffin as – “box in which corpse is buried or cremated”. Not exactly very inspiring. Yes, your average coffin is basically that, but over the past few years, the scope and variety of coffin choice have increased dramatically.

Cheapest Coffin You Can Buy UK

Although the “traditional” style wooden or wood veneer coffin is still at present the norm, people’s desire for something different, individual and more environmentally friendly, is having a big effect on the market place, with most funeral directors now having to offer a much wider range. Coffins made from wood, wicker, wool, cardboard, palm leaf or bamboo are just some of the options. Most still have to be bought through a funeral director, but some can be bought direct from the manufacturers, and even delivered in 24hrs! Why not build your own if it takes your fancy.

How much is a cheap coffin?

The price of a coffin will depend on the style and material you would like. The cheapest coffins are made from cardboard an can be purchased for £195.

Below, we have sourced some of the choices that are available, ranging from cheap (under a hundred pounds), to expensive (several thousand). Remember, don’t limit yourself to just the options that the funeral director has. You can have whatever coffin you want – it’s your funeral!

Traditional Coffins

Solid wood or chipboard veneer?

Cremation Coffins

The simpler the better (for the environment at least)

Cardboard Coffins

Sturdy, cheap, environmentally friendly, and available in just about any colour or pattern you can think of.

Contemporary Eco Coffins

Well designed with the environment in mind

Wicker / Felt / Wool / Bamboo / Other

Natural products, hand made and beautifully finished

DIY / Flatpack Coffins

Cheap and cheerful or grand-design – dust off the tools and get creative.

Custom Design Coffins

Bespoke and unique – let your imagination go


Simple or ornate – they’re all you really need.

Body Bags

Not just for the emergency services – a cheap alternative

Coffin Covers

Keeping up appearances – whilst keeping costs down.