Cremation Coffins

Crematorium regulations require that the coffin and all its fittings and furnishings be made from materials suitable for cremation. This is not only from a safety point of view, but with increased legislation trying to cut crematoriums emissions, it is also an environmental one.

Although most types of coffin are actually suitable for cremation, some are certainly more environmentally friendly than others. This has lead to one local council in West Yorkshire to require that shrouds should be used instead of coffins. (Click here for more information on shrouds).

Another alternative, which is a relatively recent innovation, that can save money and reduce emissions from cremation is by using a “coffin cover”. This superficial traditional looking casing, fits over the top of a cardboard coffin during the funeral service, but is removed (to be used another day), leaving only the cardboard coffin to enter the cremator.

As with all aspects of funerals the choices are vast. If in any doubt, contact your local funeral director or crematorium for more information.