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Coffin Covers

The coffin cover is a very unique, ecologically sound and increasingly popular development for funerals in the UK. An innovation to meet the needs of those looking for a cheap coffin as opposed to the expense models used by traditional funeral directors.

This new innovation in coffin design combines all the necessary requirements of the traditional coffin, whilst helping to care for the environment and keep costs low. What makes the coffin cover unique is that the traditional looking external shell contains a separate internal coffin made of a simple biodegradable material, which is removed from the outer coffin cover prior to cremation or burial. The simple and practical internal coffin – which is low cost to produce, is the only item a family needs to purchase because the outer coffin cover is used again by the funeral director.

The quality and style of the coffin cover provides what is considered by some a more aesthetically pleasing appearance at the funeral service than a plain cardboard coffin. It also allows for a flexible, low cost and common sense approach to funerals. The internal cardboard coffin is made from extra thick double corrugated board with an additional internal lining for support along the base to provide all the practical requirements needed from a coffin but at considerable cost saving.

At present, most, but not all crematoriums accept coffin covers, so if this is an option you wish to use, contact your local funeral director for more information first.