Personalising Funerals – More Options and Ideas

Whether using a local undertaker to organise the funeral, or even taking on the whole task yourself, there are numerous options/alternatives for personalising some of the “smaller” details concerned. Whether choosing a different mode of transport to the traditional hearse, having the whole thing captured on camera, releasing biodegradable balloons, fireworks, personalised coffin flags or service sheets, as well as what music to have – there are (as you may have gathered by now), many more options than you first may of thought. Check out some of the options below.

Funeral Transport

Don’t restrict yourself to what the Funeral Director has – there are many options avaialble.

Bespoke Funeral Stationery

Personalised and delivered to your door in just 48hrs.

Funeral Flowers

Big and bold, or sensitively subtle?

Funeral Music

Whether a classic or classical, the right music can make the funeral even more memorable.

Cardboard Cutouts – Life Sized and Personalised

Just an idea, but some people do it.

Balloon Release (Bio-degradable)

No strings attached please.

Dove Release

A symbol of peace and love.

Firework Displays

Big bangs for big personalities.

Coffin Flags and Drapes

Not just for the Armed Forces or public services.