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Funeral Fireworks Ceremony

Many people now wish to make their passing a happier occasion, more of a ‘celebration of life’ where family and friends can remember someone as they were in life. A truly memorable fireworks display can be a wonderful way to commemorate the life of someone special. The firework display can be large or small, loud and spectacular or quite and beautiful; whatever would suit the person in mind. As mentioned in our Options for Ashes section, some companies will actually incorporate a portion of cremated ashes into the fireworks themselves if you choose, but a well organised display (with or without ashes), possibly choreographed to a mixture of favourite music tracks if desired, can be a very uplifting and fitting farewell at the end of an emotionally charged day.

www.fuse-fireworks.com (Nottinghamshire – UK wide)

www.halo-fx.com (Midlands based covering all UK)

www.pyroartistry.co.uk (North Midlands – UK wide)

www.heavenlystarsfireworks.com (Essex – UK wide)

www.kimboltonfireworks.co.uk (Cambridgeshire – UK wide)

www.hi5-fireworks.com (Yorkshire – UK wide)

www.fawkesfireworks.com (Surrey/Kent – UK wide)

www.dragonfire.co.uk (Hereford – UK wide)

cremation fireworks

You can now place your cremated remains inside a firework for a final farewell