Options for Ashes

Cremation ashes once collected can be kept, buried or dispersed in numerous ways – it’s not an easy decision to make and one that may take weeks, even months to come to. Burying or scattering all the ashes can be such a final farewell, that many people are unable to do it, leaving the bereaved unable to carry out their loved-one’s final wish and often exacerbating their pain with guilt.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options available (see below) to help you make the right decision. As the average cremation ends up with 2-3kg of ash, many people choose to do more than one option – some disperse or bury most of the ashes, but keep some back as a keepsake in either a mini-urn or incorporated in jewelry. By looking at some of the options below, it can eliminate the finality and resulting emptiness of losing someone close, enabling multiple memorials to be made for distribution amongst family or friends if desired, whilst allowing the bereaved to lay the deceased to rest in their chosen place.

Browse through the following pages, and hopefully you’ll find something inspiring and personal for you.

Keeping the Ashes

Standard urns/custom urns, paintings/pencils, glass jewellery/diamond jewellery…which one or ones of these will you choose for keeping all or just some of a loved one’s ashes close to you?

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Dispersing the Ashes

Gardens of remembrance are just one option – there are numerous things you can do and places you can do it, to make it far more personal and memorable.