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Unusual Urns For Ashes

When their time is over in this world, you may be in charge of planning for a loved one’s remains. Or perhaps you are planning ahead for yourself. Cremation has gained popularity in recent years because of it’s lower cost and numerous ways you can personalize the experience.

While people often pick traditional urns for their final resting place, many have broken with tradition and have found more creative urns. Some of these unusual options for funeral urns for ashes might seem sentimental, unique, weird, or funny – but so are the people who will use them. You can find an urn that reflects their personality. Join us as we have a look at some of the unusual urns for ashes. 

Ghost-shaped Urn

This is an odd urn, but it’s also quite funny, especially for those with a sense of humour. Many believe that after your soul departs from your body, you may walk on the earth as a ghost. This ghost-shaped urn for ashes is considered to be home to your departed one. Once their remains are poured into this oddly shaped urn, they will literally take the form of a ghost.

Buddha Urn

A Buddha head urn is also another idea of what you can get for your loved one. This could be ideal if your loved one practised Buddhism, or perhaps they simply lead a life focused on peace and tranquillity. Either way, this unique vessel can serve as both their urn and lovely decor for your home. 

Heart Urn

While the heart of your loved one has stopped beating, they can live on as you find a heart urn to put the ashes in. It is a good way to show that you cherished and cared for the dearly departed. Even after they are gone, you will still care for them. This can also act as a symbol that life goes on, love lives on, and you will always carry that person in your heart. 

Teardrops Urn

The death of a loved one is marked with lots of feelings, causing tears to flow. A teardrop bronze urn is among the many modern urns that are gaining popularity with those who are looking for unique urns for ashes. Tears are a natural way to express your grief and the painful emotions that come with loss. This urn can represent those strong feelings. 

Water Fountain Urns

The most biodegradable method for dissolving cremated remains is through water. This is where the odd urns known as water fountain urns came about. It is quite a process to go through: from the heat in the crematorium to the cool waters in the water urns. You will be able to honour a departed soul that loved the water by getting this urn for ashes.  

Pebble Urn

Peaceful pebble urns are another option if you want something biodegradable. These urns are made out of wood and are shaped to resemble pebbles. They have a unique look and are crafted to perfection. The wood rings also symbolically represent the circle of life. 

Huggable Urns

While death may be a taboo topic in many cultures and keeping the ashes may creep others out, a huggable urn is an unusual urn for ashes that can make death and cremation seem like a welcome topic. A huggable urn can be customized to take the shape of a cute bear or pet. Some creativity can also come in when you use a cloth of the departed one to cover the huggable urn and have the ashes placed into a toy. When your children say they miss their parent or grandparent, they can then go to the huggable urn for comfort.

Photo Frame Urn

It is common to carry the memories of a loved one, captured with a photograph There are unusual urns for ashes that are in the form of a photo frame. You can put the photo of a loved one and then through the inlet, pour in their ashes. It may be odd, but it’s comforting to some to see the frame holding the picture of their loved one and also holding what is left of them.

Motorcycle Urn

Bike enthusiasts love their motorcycles and it shows in how they live, breathe, and ride. Sadly enough, many have met their death while doing what they live the most: motorcycling. A motorcycle urn is an unusual urn for ashes but it’s also unique and symbolic. When the cremated remains are poured into it, it can be the departed one’s final ride. You can customize a motorcycle urn to bear the name of the deceased loved one. Since it will be made of steel, it can be a tough and durable urn. 

Bottle Urn

While we are familiar with popping bottles to celebrate some special moments in life, it may sound weird to have a bottle as a funeral urn for ashes. However, this is among the list of modern urns that are gaining popularity. You can use a bottle as an urn for your dearly departed one. As you hold it, you will also be symbolically making a toast to the life that they lived. 

Handbag Urn

Ladies and fashionistas love a stylish bag, acting almost as a companion wherever they go. A handbag urn is a good choice for the fun and fashionable when they leave this world. While they spent their lives keeping their essentials in their designer bag, when they die and are cremated, their family may find it essential to have their loved one’s remains held in a customized handbag urn. 

Cell Phone Urn

When a loved one is alive but far away, you can pick up your phone and call them. However, unfortunately, when they pass on, there is no call to their resting place. You can only speak to them in your heart and hold on to the memories. A cell phone urn is a unique urn that can be customized to your phone design of choice. When you pick up such an urn, it can offer you a connection to your beloved one.

Jewellery Urn

This type of urn allows you to not only carry your departed one in your heart but wear an elegant accessory you can take with you anywhere. You will not only have walked with them through their life but they’ll walk with you through yours. You can get a cremation pendant, which you can then attach to a necklace. These keepsake necklaces, beads, or rings are small and discreet urns in which you can keep a small portion of the ashes of your loved one, away from the main urn.

Find Joy in Choosing the Right Urn

Although funerals are times marked with a lot of sadness, you can choose to be creative and honour the life, love, and laughter of the person that has departed. If you both shared a sense of humour, you can choose a funeral urn that will suit them best. That will be their final resting place so don’t be afraid of something unique when picking a funeral urn for them.

What to Consider when Choosing Funeral Urns

Funerals are an emotional affair and, although you may be weighed down by the wave of emotions, you will still have to make some choices. While it is an understandably sad situation, you would still want to give your loved one a good farewell. Because of this, decisions such as choosing a funeral urn should not be rushed. These are some of the factors that you should consider when choosing a funeral urn for ashes:

1. The preference of the departed 

Since it will be their final resting place, consider what the departed loved the most. Choose the urn for their remains based on that. If they loved the water and the ocean, you could choose a dolphin-shaped urn. If they had a strong sense of humour and often joked about coming back to haunt people when they died, you can pick a ghost urn for them. If they were an avid football fan, you can get a football urn. Personalize the urn as much as possible. Although you will be grieving, this is a final way to show your love.

2. Fragility

You would not want to disturb the peace of everyone by having an urn break into pieces. Consider getting a tough urn that can withstand falls and breaks, without scattering the cremains all over.

3. Biodegradability

More and more people are becoming conscious of the environment, making decisions guided by whether they are conserving or damaging the ecosystem. You should also think of this, especially when factoring in the final resting place of your loved one. For example, if they loved the sea and would like a sea burial, consider getting a biodegradable urn to put the cremains.

4. Size

You may also have to factor in the size of the urn needed. Most families agree on how to handle the cremains. Some may opt to split them amongst family members or have them received by a specific family member. Others opt to keep some of the cremains and scatter the rest. Therefore, you would have to consider what quantity would be kept in the urn and get an urn that has enough capacity.

5. Cost

A funeral has many expenses to consider, and you would also want to factor in the cost of the funeral urn too. If you are working on a tight budget, you will need to get a funeral urn that will be within your price range. If you opt to get a personalized urn, this may cost more, depending on where you choose to buy it from.

6. Handling of the Ashes

After the cremation is done, there may be different arrangements for how to handle the cremains. Your purpose and plans for the urn will determine the type of urn you will need. Some may opt to scatter the remains or to take them home. Whether short-term or long-term, you’ll need an urn in which you can carry their remains. If you are planning to scatter the remains, a simple but elegant urn will do. However, if the ashes are meant to be displayed for the long-term, you’ll want a durable urn that offers safe storage. Also, if you are to planning to bury the ashes, a biodegradable urn for ashes would be the best option.

How to Move Ashes Into An Urn

After a loved one has been cremated, there’s something else that needs to be done: moving the cremains into the urn. This is not an easy task, and you’ll have to be strong enough to do it. First, make sure you wear gloves. After collecting the remains, use a funnel as you pour the ashes into your vessel. You can also request for the professionals at the crematorium to handle this for you if you are not ready to do it.

Are the Urns Used for Ashes Only?

While funeral urns are commonly used to store ashes, they can also be used to store items with which you can remember your loved one. This can include some of their personal items like letters or mementoes.  

What Urn Size Would I Need?

When it comes to selecting a funeral urn for ashes, the approximate size you will need will be determined by the approximate weight of the deceased. For example, when a person who weighs 100 pounds is cremated, you may expect to get 100 cubic inches of ashes. 

Where Can I Get Funeral Urns?

You can get funeral urns direct from a funeral director, the crematorium, funeral shops or online shops. If you have limited time, you can make a direct buy from a seller who can offer you the most unique urn at the best price, like Urns For Ashes. However, if you still have some time to spare and you would want to get a specialised urn, you can place an order for a customized urn from various sellers.

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