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Dove Release Funeral

For centuries man has used symbols to portray a message. The white dove is the symbol of faith, fidelity, peace and love.

At a funeral or memorial service, a dove release can be a peaceful and healing tribute. A beautiful way of expressing a final goodbye, of letting go. The releasing of White Doves can offer a feeling of peace and calmness, helping bring closure to family members of a lost loved one.

Release a single bird … or a flock … the choice is yours. All the companies below report the highest standards of care and training for their birds. As all the birds used are homing doves/white pigeons, they will fly back to their coups on the same day, and so you will only be able to use companies based in your region – there are many, so hopefully you can find one close to you.

www.ForeverDoves.org (Hertfordshire, Essex and London Area)

www.heavensadove.co.uk (Lancashire, West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire & Greater Manchester)

www.thewhitefeatherco.co.uk (London & Essex)

www.wingsoflove.co.uk (covering North West England)

www.thewhitedovecompany.co.uk (London & Essex)

www.loveydoveyuk.com (Wales, Bristol, Gloucester & Somerset)

What Happens To Doves Released At Funerals?

Doves that are used for the release at funerals (or weddings) are trained to return to where they live or have been trained.

Sometimes stray doves do go missing during the release.