Dove Release

 For centuries man has used symbols to portray a message. The white dove is the symbol of faith, fidelity, peace and love.

At a funeral or memorial service, a dove release can be a peaceful and healing tribute. A beautiful way of expressing a final goodbye, of letting go. The releasing of White Doves can offer a feeling of peace and calmness, helping bring closure to family members of a lost loved one.

Release a single bird … or a flock … the choice is yours. All the companies below report the highest standards of care and training for their birds. As all the birds used are homing doves/white pigeons, they will fly back to their coups on the same day, and so you will only be able to use companies based in your region – there are many, so hopefully you can find one close to you. (Hertfordshire, Essex and London Area) (Blackpool & Lancashire Area) (Lancashire, West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire & Greater Manchester) (London & Essex) (covering North West England) (Midlands Area) (London & Essex) (Northwest & Midlands) (Havant, Hampshire – 50 mile radius) (Coventry – 50 mile radius) (Yorkshire) (Essex) (Kent & South East England) (Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Cambs, Beds, Herts) (Hertfordshire, Bucks, Surrey & Essex) (Aldershot, Farnborough, Camberley, Woking, Guildford & surrounds) (Kent & surrounding area) (60 miles of Camberly, Surrey) (Wales, Bristol, Gloucester & Somerset)