Cardboard Coffins

In the 1990’s cardboard coffins were seen by some as a flimsy, cheap option that lacked dignity – they have however come a long way over the last few years, and are now big business.

They are relatively inexpensive, (with some being available for as little as £60), but are now stronger, environmentally very friendly, and can come in a huge variety of colours and designs. They can be plain, coloured, screen printed with different designs of your choice, or even with personal pictures. Some companies offer a design facility so you can get the look you want, and some come flat packed within 24hrs of paying!

They are bio-degradable so can be used in all types of burials and are suitable for cremation as well. Below are some of the suppliers, again some will sell direct to you, but others can only be purchased through the funeral directors. (printed picture coffins on cardboard and also wood) (all sorts and designs available)