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Custom Coffins

More and more people are eschewing traditional wooden coffins in favour of colourful one-offs, tailor-made to reflect the characters, tastes and achievements of their loved ones. Custom coffins can be custom made, and/or customised. They can take any practical form you can think of, or standard coffins can be decorated and detailed how you wish. These tend to sit and the opposite end of the cheap coffins and can, in some instances provide quite costly. I have listed some suppliers below for more information on exact costs.

Bespoke Custom Made Coffins

Nottingham-based coffin manufacturer Vic Fearn and Company began specialising in custom-made designs in response to what it saw as growing demand for more individualised funeral services. In the past few years, it has produced dozens of so-called “crazy coffins”. Miniature spaceships, aeroplanes, guitars and bells are among the more different designs to have been commissioned so far, costing anything from a few hundred to a couple of thousand pounds, to specifications dictated by customers.

According to director David Crampton, “we decided to branch out into making unusually shaped coffins because we were finding a growing demand among grieving families for ones that genuinely reflect the personality of the people being mourned. But people are now starting to realise you don’t have to wait until you die to have your coffin made – you can order one in advance that genuinely says something about your life.”

He added: “Some people almost seem to see their future coffins as fashion accessories. We had one man who was mad about his motorbike, so we made him a coffin shaped like a sidecar which he clipped to the frame and took on a tour of the country, and another young chap ordered one with a glass top that he has been using as a coffee table in his lounge.

Check out some of the designs HERE

or go to there web-page for more details


Custom Painted & Decorated Coffins

Obviously, you or your family can decorate your coffin yourselves (using only water-based paints and varnishes if a “green funeral” or cremation is desired), – but if you want something a bit special, there are a number of artists out there who specialise in one-off bespoke designs that they will paint onto your coffin for you. Taking as little as a few days, some will also supply the coffin as well.

As well as all the above, coffins made of many different materials can be custom printed. Some of the companies mentioned in the Cardboard Coffins section can also design and print almost any design you would like on materials such as wood as well.

Cool Coffins

Whether you want wood or cardboard, you can get just about anything printed/stencilled onto your coffin. It’s just a question of the limits of your imagination. If you find yourself lacking inspiration, then the Coffin Company also has a great idea to help you get something individual and personal to you – and price-wise you may be pleasantly surprised.

Colourful Coffins

Lastly for now, we have the Ecopod – hand made from recycled newspaper, the flowing lines of this coffin are almost Egyptian like. Fully bio-degradable, so suitable for all types of final departure, they are also available in a range of elegant colours.