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Landican Cemetery and Crematorium, cheshire

Landican Cemetery  and Crematorium

Landican Cemetery and Crematorium in Wirral serves the local community who are looking to have a cremation funeral for their loved one.

Services at the Crematorium can take place on weekdays between 9 am and 3.30 pm. A funeral service, lasting around 20 minutes, can take place at the crematorium chapel following the cremation. A longer service can be held for an additional charge. Families are also welcome to hold part of the service in an alternate place of worship before having a short committal at the crematorium. They can also choose to have no service at all.

The cremated remains will be held for two working days after the cremation, and can be collected from the Office before 10 am.

Families who prefer to scatter ashes can do so at the lawns in the Garden of Remembrance or within a family grave, with the permission of the owner. Appointment for ashes of scattering ceremony led by a minister or celebrant can take place Monday to Thursday at the following times: 9 am, 9.15 am, 3.45 pm or 4 pm. Alternatively, those who want to bury cremated remains can purchase a grave at Landican Cemetery.

Those who prefer above ground burials, can purchase a space in the Sanctum 12 memorial vault in Landican Cemetery.

For an everlasting tribute to your loved one, you may include an entry into the Book of Remembrance which sits in the Remembrance Room at the grounds of Landican Cemetery. Copies of the entry can be purchased as a booklet or remembrance card.

There are toilet facilities available at the entrance and crematorium chapel.

Landican Cemetery and CrematoriumArrowe Park RoadWoodchurch CH49 5LW

Cremation Fee 2021

122th most expensive creamtorium in the UK

Number of Cremation 2020

308th busiest crematorium 2020 in the UK