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Eulogy Examples for Mother

Eulogy for Mother from Son

This lovely eulogy from a son her his mother is a lovely example of how to memorialise your mothers life

Can you hear me at the back? I have to ask because we were at the wedding last week and mum was sending smoke signals from the back of the room because she couldn’t hear me…..

Ministers, family, friends and to the thousands of well-wishers who in the past few days have sent their message sof condolence and sympathies, thank you for coming to pay respect to my mother, Miriam.
Those of us who knew her well knew that mom was never more than a deepin’ meaningful conversation or an emotional story away from having a good ol’ cry, so as her only son you’ll understand if I shed a few myself.

As I speak to you I have to begin by thanking a few people, that’s what mom would have done so I’d like to say, I want to thank the friends and family who have rallied around and given us great strength in this dark time. Your organization and your willingness to pitch in is greatly appreciated by dad and me. Monsignorakhirin for your guidance and compassionate words I know. Mom was inordinately proud of your achievements and hopeful for what your future might bring.
To the caliber family for the beautiful flowers here in the church today for deer, and Eve rain and the wonderful musicians for sharing the music with us, and to my stepbrothers and your families, my cousin’s, our neighbours, to my beautiful wife, Jennifer, for stepping in at a time of crisis and keeping the show on the road.
Ma’am would have been so proud and grateful to see all the family come together and muck in so thank you all.
the Marines we know many people across the length and breadth of this country have their own personal experience of and relationship with, Miriam and the many versions of her that there are. the mother, the wife, the sister, the aunt, the stepmother, the mother-in-law, the friend, the colleague, the journalist, the radio host, the social commentator, the activist and the architect. Each of these versions of Marian touched us because she had great empathy and her curiosity made all these selves very genuine. the woman I knew behind all these selves, was a shy lady who was as happy reading a book in silence, as she was sitting around the dinner table in the small areas of the morning with friends, laughing, joking, singing when she could remember the words, debating the politics of the day and generally sorting out the world’s problems, one dinner party at a time.
The lady who liked being in bed during a storm, listening to the wind and rain crashing against the windows with the duvet pulled up to her chin, a classy lady with soul in the truest sense. she had a razor-sharp mind, she was patient, she was compassionate and she was great company at home.

the matriarch was deeply protective of her family, mom was not a strict mother luckily for me but she would let me know when I was being foolish. her own mother, my granny, was a wonderful stoic religious woman who had sent mom back to school after her Leaving Cert, because she thought mom was a bit too young and probably a bit too wild for a university. the result for us was that mom gave us great freedom, she respected good efforts, she rewarded independent thinking, she believed we should continually educate ourselves. she loved to debate things just for the sport of it. she believed that respect was always deserved and not just earned, and when it was lost there was room for forgiveness. nobody is always good and nobody is always bad.

one of her favourite songs was a revolution by the Beatles, in it the line “you say you want a revolution, yeah we all want to change the world.” this is the challenge that she. accepted her activism and her charity were real because she lived the problems she tried to fix. her work with the Irish Hospice Foundation and the work of friends in Ireland were fueled by her experiences with my sister Sinead and the death of her own mother. she had the courage to step up to life’s challenges publicly and reflected on them privately. mom taught me that if you want a revolution, you can start one by challenging people, by finding commonalities, and by finding within people their humanity and their capacity to improve.
stand up straight, she’d say, look him in the eye and go from there.
mom lived many lifetimes in her life, her legacy to me is to travel to learn to live a life that’s full of love and her spirit will live on when the next generation of her family is born next month. Jenny and I will try to raise our child to have courage, curiosity and kindness, virtues that Marian espoused.

thank you ma’am, we love you and we’ll miss you terribly

Eulogy Example for Mother from Daughter

The below eulogy is an example of an adult daughter saying goodbye to her mother.

hi, I’m on Harley’s daughter Nancy.

Dear friends family and pastor, today we say goodbye to my mom but we’re also here to celebrate her life because that’s what she would want for all of us here that are saddened by her passing.

She had a whole life, most of you here knew her as a friend but she was also an aunt. She was a grandmother. She was a wife, a daughter, a sister and a mom. She was also known around the house as chief.

So the last few days they’ve been trying to think how in the world I could possibly put into a few minutes everything that I could be to someone like that, so bear with me.

First, I think I should acknowledge that she gave me life, that’s a pretty big one and forever grateful to have such a great mom.

She was my first teacher, she taught me all through her life, all through my life and she taught me right up till the end what humility, dignity, poise and bravery look like she also taught me the value of a good gift together and having friends and family around and I know she’s up in heaven right now looking down and it’s very happy and very excited and pleased with all of you and her friends and I know she’s thinking this is a good one we’re here to celebrate her life her, comic wit.

My mom had a way of coming up with a one-liner just when you least expected it and it was the perfect comedy one-liner. It would come out of the left field and it would have you floored and only in her way of delivery could she do it. She was a consummate entertainer and singer. A few years ago I was having a birthday party for my husband, it was one of his milestone birthdays and I asked my mom ahead of the party if she would prepare a toast for Glen and give it at the party and she said, ‘oh no I could never, but what I will do is I will prepare a song I’ll make up new lyrics to a show too and I’ll jump and sing it’ I’m not sure what was easier, but she got up and she’s singing a song that she had written that was hilarious. It was a toast to my husband and everyone there was blown away and that was her way.
In fact, she’s staying at our wedding she had secretly talked to the minister and to the keyboardist at our wedding and in the middle of the service she had it all arranged, she got up and sang sunrise sunset to her daughter and her new husband it was beautiful and pretty special.

Obviously, to have a mom singing that song to you, I knew in fact it was such a time that although I thought the minister will leave in the middle of the service, he stayed and that job probably pulled it together to finish the ceremony.

My mom and dad were from what is called the greatest generation, they taught us, kids, that he saved with a penny earned and that if something is broke you fixed it, you repaired it, you mended it, you took the time and you put it back together.
For those of you who have been to my mother’s house you know that that’s the truth, they could have remodelled their home ten times but they repaired it themselves. They still have the O’Keefe and Merritt stove that they bought when that house was built in1953. I remember my mom telling me once that my dad was so smart because when they were gone in the house he researched furnaces and the one he picked is the one that was still working, 60 years later. It was in his heart and so yes at one point my husband and I remodelled our kitchen and we were tearing out cabinets and taking out appliances then yeah it was just way too much, it was their appliances, they were still good.

Nancy and I were like his mother that they’re all the green kind of brain you know we were going for four days it didn’t even matter, we essentially remodelled the kitchen and she still to this day wonders what happened to those appliances, they were so good, so new isn’t always better! She told me you can tell what they have when people spend their money and how my mom felt about appliances, she felt about her friends and family. She didn’t just throw out the appliances, you didn’t throw out a family you didn’t throw out your friends. Just because things got a little rough, she stuck around. You know she’s been a member of this church for 60 years, she’s been a member of the Assistance League and the Women’s Club at the fringe clubs and gosh I don’t even know.

That was my mom, she stuck by her friends and her family so in the last few days I’ve gotten lots of heartfelt messages and I want to read to you one of the passages someone sent me because it kind of helped me get through.
It said ‘tonight when you look up don’t see them stars, think of them as porchlights welcoming your mom safely home‘,

So I share that with you because apparently she had a gig that we didn’t know about and she’s probably up there right now singing and dancing and telling her jokes.
In the past few days I was going through some of her things, putting some stuff together and I found a seven-page handwritten story of her life that she had written about ten years ago and it’s so Arlene and so my mom. There are sections in it there are entertaining and there’s bits and pieces in it that our song lyrics were written throughout and it was I didn’t know about it. My family didn’t know about it. It was written ten years ago so we printed out a few copies at the reception afterwards.

I want to close with the way she closed because I think she would like that, so I guess to sum it all up you all good friends, sisters, wonderful family, four children, six grandchildren and a husband with marriage for over 50 years, this fun line from the musical carnival. “it’s been a real nice clambake Emma, sure had a real good time”

So thank you for coming, thank you for loving my mom she loved all of you so much. Her daily community, so thank you.
I’m not doing a very good job at celebrating her life so if anybody would like to come up and do a remembrance I would welcome you, maybe something a little more lighthearted. Thank you.

Here is another eulogy to a mother who died of breast cancer

you know, my mother was very smart. very, very smart. But she did have trouble she had some trouble with technology. she really didn’t get answering machines. she really didn’t get portable phones. and I don’t know if you’ve ever gotten a message from my mother on the answering machine, but it’s like she’s talking into a well or something. she starts out ‘this is your mother, Frances.’ well good because I thought it was my other mother. ‘well we just called to see how you were and you could almost see her trying to crawl in there and ‘and we’ll call you back, we love you very much amen’ but you know she didn’t get that you have to push the button now to get the phone to go up so if you’d listen a while longer you’d hear daddy say, ‘did you talk to him, no they weren’t there well who are you talking to no they weren’t there I left a message but I think I said amen’
next message ‘this is your mother Francis, I think I said Amen I don’t know what in the world is wrong with me, well we love you very much, amen’

I just have to tell you that like everyone before her, I’m so happy you’re here and I’m so blessed. my mother and I tried to take real good care of each other over the years and when she died, I thought, ‘well I know she’ll be all right now, but I don’t know about me, who’s going to take care of me, cuz I know God’s taking care of her’ and it occurred to me yesterday, that she didn’t need me anymore, but she left behind people who do and she couldn’t take care of me anymore, but she left behind people who could.
and so I know I’ll be alright, my friend Karen said, ‘you know death came for your mother several times and she ignored it’ and then finally God said no I’m serious and I’m going to take you right here now where you can’t get away
thank you God for doing that, that way and that quick and in this place where she’s filled with people who love her so much. Thank you. Amen!

Eulogy for Mother Poems

Below are a list of poems suitable for a mothers eulogy

  • My Mother Kept A Garden
  • Child and Mother
  • A Sonnet for My Incomparable Mother
  • Goodbye Mom
  • Away by James Whitcomb Riley
  • Richer Than Gold by Strickland Gillilan
  • Your Mother is Always With You by Deborah R Culver
  • In Remembrance by Christine Currah
  • My Mother, My Friend by J. Allen Shaw
  • Only One Mother by George Cooper

How to Write a Unique Eulogy for Your Mother

A story from a child is one that no other can replicate. There through good and bad, the clsoe bond shared will forever be with you and something you can use when penning a eulogy for your mother. We have written en extensive post to help you write your eulogy, but writing for your mother comes with a few extra steps that will ensure your message is a perfect goodbye.

1. Gather Thoughts and Memories

Make sure you speak with other fmaily members, friends & work colleagues to relive past memories. Not only will this help you determine the theme for your speech but it will ensure they feel a part of this too.

2. Theme your Mothers Eulogy

We dont advocate listing off items in chronological order like you are reading for ma list. Think of the type of women your mother was an weave this into your stories. Can you describe a time of adversity she overcame. Highlight the journey she went on, not just things that happen to everyone.

3. Slow Down and Really Remember Her

Rushing through the eulogy is a sure fire way to under deliver your speech. As well as practicing, just slow down, this gives you time to think and the audience a chance to catch up with you.
A helpful tip is to write your speech as if your mother was in the audience and talk directly to her.

Tribute Ideas to a Mother at Funeral

When it comes to paying tribute to your mother, only you will know the best way to immortalise her memory. We have put together an extensive list of funeral poems and popular funeral music for mothers, we hope this will help you plan the ceremony. If we are missing any information, please do contact us so we can ensure this resource is as helpful as possible.