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Eulogy Example For Wife

We have gathered together some of the best eulogy examples read at funerals for wives that we could find to help you in your inspiration at this terrible time.
At the end of the page you will find some tips to help you write your wife’s eulogy as well as links to professional writers who can help. We hope this has helped in some small way and would appreciate any guidance or advice you can send to help others going through this terrible experience.

Wonderful Funeral Tribute From Husband To Wife

This is an example of a wonderful eulogy, where the husband passionately describes what he learned about his wife through the years, and how she made life better for him.

Eulogy Transcript

George H.W. Bush’s Emotional Eulogy For Wife Barbara Bush

This emotional tribute was delivered, when, to one of only two women in the history of the United States to have her husband and son elected president, was laid to rest in Texas.

Eulogy Transcript

Short But Heartfelt Eulogy For Wife From Husband

NBA coach Monty Williams eulogises her late wife, Ingrid William, in this short but heartfelt tribute.

Eulogy Transcript

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