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Funeral Poem for Grandmother

3 wishes

By Funeral Inspirations

This short poem is for Grandmother who passed away. It’s simple, warm and heartfelt

3 wishes Poem Lyrics

If I only had one wish,
I’d tell you what I’d do,
I ask for 3 more wishes,
And give them all to you.

You might wish to still be here,
But that’s not really your way,
Which is why we celebrate your life,
Every single day.

You might wish to have been richer,
Not with money, no, with love,
Which is why we know you’re smiling down,
From the heavens, up above.

But the truth is if you had those wishes,
There was nothing you would lack,
And, as was your special way
Grandma, you would simply give them back.

Poem Title3 wishes
Poem Writer / AuthorFuneral Inspirations
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