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Brother Funeral Poem

Dear Brother

By Funeral Inspirations

A poem written in tribute to a great and noble Man: a brother who is irreplaceable. This Poem shows how strength the bonding between siblings 

Dear Brother Poem Lyrics

Dear brother
I write these words to tell you exactly how I’ve been
For now that you have gone away, of course you haven’t seen.
Dear brother
I have tried my best to carry on alone,
But things, they are much harder now, that you’re no longer home.
Dear brother
How I’ve missed you so, though it hasn’t been that long,
But everything I try to do, well it seems as if it’s wrong.
Dear brother
Why did you leave, far too early from this place,
It was hard enough when you were here, the problems we did face.
Dear brother
But now that I’m alone, without you here to guide,
The loss it’s been so tough to take, you’re no longer at my side.
Dear brother
Can you send a sign, perhaps to let me know
That you’re okay and watching me, as I struggle far below.
Dear brother
I will try my best and that’s all that I can do,
And yes I have to struggle on, and face things without you.
Dear brother
Perhaps I should have said more words when you were still here,
But I hope you knew I loved you so and how I held you dear.
Dear brother
I’ll try to honour you, by living life each day,
I’ll do my best to make you proud, in every single way.
Dear brother
Though it hurts so much, it’s the only thing to do,
I miss you my dear brother, please know that I loved you.

Poem TitleDear Brother Poem
Poem Writer / AuthorFuneral Inspirations
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