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Mom Funeral Poem

Goodbye Mom

By Sandra Martyres

Losing mom is one of the painful things most of us will go through. But her funeral gives you the chance to say goodbye and remember all she did in this world.

Goodbye Mom Poem Lyrics

To the tune of “Nearer my God to Thee”
Did we try and set her spirit free
Tears streamed down my face
As they covered hers with white lace
Then came the nailing down of the coffin
I would no longer watch Mother’s frame stiffen
Gently the casket was lowered into the ground
While the mourners stood solemnly around
The priest then signaled to us
To shovel some mud into the grave
“You have to truly bury the dead”
Was what he seemed to have said
We bid our last farewell to Mummy
Along with our friends and family
Funerals are always so emotionally painful
Although we do know that death is not final
It is only the spirit of the dear departed
That is really freed and liberated
And even as her mortal remains perish in the earth
There will be another birth.

Poem TitleGoodbye Mom Poem
Poem Writer / AuthorSandra Martyres
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