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Grandad Funeral Poem

Grandpa’s Passing

By Carolyn E. Romero

This heartfelt poem describes deep sadness while Grandpa’s spirit leaves his body. The whole family is there and feel the emptiness inside

Grandpa’s Passing Poem Lyrics

I sat in the hospital, so quiet,
as my grandfather lies there on the hospital bed.
My grandmother glancing at each one of my relatives,
as our eyes burn as if on fire,
while each tear drops.
Our eyes look like stars in the night
as they sparkle.
We all are confused,
feel so lost, so far away,
as if we ourselves were stars,
floating away in the night sky,
trying to make sense of it all.
Our throats feel like the ocean
filling up with water,
splashing around as if waves
were riding up and down our throats,
making it difficult to breath,
making us choke up,
unable to say words,
but feel so empty inside,
for our loved one has moved on.
As my grandfather’s spirit glides over us,
there is a feeling of warmth
and a brightness that leaves the room.

Poem TitleGrandpa’s Passing Poem
Poem Writer / AuthorCarolyn E. Romero
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