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Friend Funeral Poem

How can I describe

By Funeral Inspirations

This poem is about saying goodbye to a very Best friend. In memory of Best friend who always stood beside and one true soul mate.

How can I describe Poem Lyrics

How can I describe you,
To those who may not know,
How can I do justice,
To the truth as it was so.

How can I always honour,
Your love and memory,
How can I make them understand,
Just what you meant to me.

How can they ever realise,
What a hole’s left in my life,
How can I relay the deep pain,
As if I have beenstruck by a knife,

I guess that’s why it was the case,
That you were my best friend,
And though they may not understand,
It was true until the end.

Poem TitleHow can I describe
Poem Writer / AuthorFuneral Inspirations
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