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i Miss

By Salena A. Hayes

This poem is about sweet memories and bonding that only can be found between siblings. When people in our lives are no longer around we begin to miss them and appreciate them even for the things that used to get on our nerves.

I Miss Poem Lyrics

I miss you
I miss the loud music coming from your room
I miss the warmth of knowing You’re just a call away
I miss the way we fought and played
I miss seeing your big bright smile
I miss getting kicked out of your room
I miss seeing you here and there
I miss cooking you breakfast lunch and dinner
I miss hearing you come in at night
I miss making you wear your seat belt
I miss holding your hand to pray
I miss your smell
I miss you with all my might
I miss the way we would fight
I miss my brother
I miss my friend
I miss you I love you and that’s

Poem TitleI Miss Poem
Poem Writer / AuthorSalena A.Hayes
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