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Grandad Funeral Poem

Just one man

By Funeral Inspirations

This warmhearted poem is about A grandad who passed away but his family still remembers his Jokes, laughter, and smile.

Just one man Poem Lyrics

Though you were but
just one man,
It mattered not
you had a plan.

Whether as father
grandad, son,
You were always kind
to everyone.

The memories that
we made together,
Will live within
our hearts forever.

The jokes, the tears
the laughter too,
We’ll always smile
when thinking of you.

It’s sad we know
but now your gone,
The legacy you’ve left
lives on.

So as grandad, father, son
or whatever,
We’ll always recall and
Forget you never.

Poem TitleJust one man
Poem Writer / AuthorFuneral Inspirations
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