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Last orders poem

By Funeral Inspirations

This warmhearted poem is about A grandad who passed away but his family still remembers his goodness and dedication

Last orders Poem Lyrics

How can one man do so much,
To do such good to all they touch,
To make our lives so full of joy,
The gift you had from a young boy.

Treats for those needing a smile,
Warmth for those unloved awhile,
Help, assistance you gave it all,
Our guardian angel, at our call.

But luckily we realised quickly,
Long before you became sickly,
How much joy you brought to others,
Sisters, mothers, sons, dads and brothers.

The list it would be written long,
‘Bout a man who lived by right not wrong,
Dedicated just to good,
We’d all be like you if we could.

But you were one, and not repeated,
To live your life, not be defeated,
And though last orders have been called,
The memories have never stalled.

Goodbye dear friend, grandfather, dad,
Son and brother, happy lad,
If everyone was more like you,
The world would smile more, that is true.

Poem TitleLast orders poem
Poem Writer / AuthorFuneral Inspirations
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