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Brother Funeral Poem

letter to my brother who passed away

By Funeral Inspirations

This poem is about saying goodbye to great Brother. This poem shows the bond between siblings

letter to my brother who passed away Poem Lyrics

I miss you my dear brother,
You have sadly gone to fast,
A friend and, like a guardian
You stood by me to the last.

If I could just change places,
Please know I really would,
It’s not fair that you’re no longer here,
When all you ever did was good.

But life can throw a curveball,
And turn things on their head,
We cannot choose our moments,
But only deal with them instead.

So I’ll honour you dear brother,
In everything I do,
I’ll work to make you proud of me,
In loving memory of you.


Poem TitleLetter to My Brother who passed away Poem
Poem Writer / AuthorFuneral Inspirations
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