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Sister Funeral Poem

Losing a Sister

By Funeral Inspirations

This poem is about saying goodbye lovely Sister . This poem describes, there are situations when sisters argue but in the end had a beautiful closure.

Losing a Sister Poem Lyrics

At times we didn’t get along,
We’d argue, even fight,
But we always made up in the end,
And I secretly said I love you, every single night.

The times you told me I was daft,
That I never would succeed,
But then you’d hold my hand and help me during every time of need.

The time you told mum I’d lied,
About where it was I had been,
Or when you told dad I’d done wrong,
Using language quite obscene.

I guess that’s part of growing up,
Take the bad times with the good,
And if I could just bring you back
for one day, then you know I surley would.

For though we sometimes argued,
Or when we had a full blown fight,
I miss you sister every day,
I love you sis’, goodnight.

Poem TitleLosing a Sister Poem
Poem Writer / AuthorFuneral Inspirations
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