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My Loving Grandmother Poem

by Nivedeeta Pereira

My Loving Grandmother By Nivedeeta Pereira

My Loving Grandmother Poem Lyrics

When I had no shoulder to lean on,
and my eyes were filled with tears.
I had my nana to count on,
to drive away my fears.

despite all the wrong I’d done,
when the light I couldn’t see,
nana was my shining sun,
who gently consoled me.

she always encouraged and inspired me,
to follow my every dream,
she’d tell me that I was not alone,
cause she was my team.

she’d tell everyone about me,
what I was doing, when and how,
she preserved everything I ever gave her,
from the time I was little till now.

without you nana I am so lost,
my tears just won’t dry,
but I believe your one of gods angels,
you spread your wings and fly.

We are sure you are around us,
in every thing we do,
your one of Gods angels we do trust,
we can see all are wishes come true.

Dear nana we really miss you,
and wish with us you’d always be,
but since God wants you too,
I’ll keep your memories alive in me.

Poem TitleMy Loving Grandmother Poem
Poem Writer / AuthorNivedeeta Pereira
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