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Dad Funeral Poem

my superhero, my dad

Author unknown

What a sweet and warm poem for Daddy who supported his children with strong arms, loving and caring.

My Superhero, My dad Poem Lyrics

My dad and I have special Powers
I bet you didn’t know
And when we are together
Our Super Power grow

I have the gift of flight
To soar and leap and bound
I can hover in the sky
And never touch the ground

I am growing stronger too
With each passing hour
I can even save the day
With my superpower

Dad’s arms help me reach
The things I cannot touch
His love and guidance carry me
I look up to him so much

And even when I’m all grown up
I know that I’ll be glad
Than I had my own superhero
My best friend, My dad

Poem TitleMy Superhero, My Dad Poem
Poem Writer / AuthorUnknown
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