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Brother Funeral Poem

The loss of a brother poem

By Funeral Inspirations

This poem is about saying goodbye to great Brother. This poem shows the bond between siblings.

The loss of a brother Poem Lyrics

Dear brother how I miss you,
Let me tell you how I’ve been,
How my world has changed since you left,
How I’ve struggled, why it’s mean.

You were always a true hero,
Though I seldom ever said,
But I hope you knew just how I felt,
Maybe read thoughts from my head.

Of course we argued quite a lot,
That’s just what brothers do,
But we’d always stick together
Like we’d been both coated & stuck with glue.

Girls they tried to split us up,
Tried to keep us both apart,
But the love of your own brother,
Beats affairs of a young man’s heart.

We squabbled and sometimes we’d fight,
Throw punches not just words,
But then we’d laugh and joke about
our behaviour, so absurd.

We always watched each other’s backs,
And would be there whenever needed,
And offer up words of advice,
Though the same were seldom headed.

But now you’ve left me all alone,
It’s okay, I understand,
You’ll always be my brother pal,
And now I’ll be my own man.

Gone but still remembered,
Even death can’t keep apart
the true love that binds us brothers,
As we’re in each other’s hearts.

Poem TitleThe loss of a brother poem
Poem Writer / AuthorFuneral Inspirations
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