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Grandmother Funeral Poem

Theres a gap in my heart

By Funeral Inspirations

This heartfelt poem is for Grandmother who passed away. There is something missing in our hearts when Grandmother gone

Theres a gap in my heart Poem Lyrics

There’s a gap in my heart that’s growing,
There’s a hole in my life so wide,
You’re gone now and just knowing
that, well Nan the tears I’ve cried.

There’s a space in my life that hollow,
A broken heart that will not mend,
Though I must not sit and wallow,
It’s hard not to, at the end.

There’s a seat in the room that’s empty,
A cup that is never used,
Biscuits left, there’s plenty,
We just walk about confused.

For Nan there is something missing,
And we’re not sure of what to do,
We are all just sat here wishing,
That the person gone, well it wasn’t you.

Poem TitleTheres a gap in my heart
Poem Writer / AuthorFuneral Inspirations
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