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Best Friend Funeral Poem

To my Best Friend

By Funeral Inspirations

This heartfelt Poem is about saying goodbye to a very Best Friend. In Memory of a Great Friend who will always be deep inside my heart forever.

To my Best Friend Poem Lyrics

To my best friend,
A soul mate, brother,
One tI vouched for,
Like no other,

One I’d fight for,
Right to the end,
That’s why I guess,
You’re my best friend.

To my best friend,
I know you’re gone,
But I’m sure our friendship,
Can live on,

I’ll hold you in my
heart forever,
Think of you always,
Forget you, never.

To my best friend,
I’ll honour you,
In every thought,
In what I do,

I won’t crumble,
I’ll make them see,
That true friendship,
Lasts, eternally.

To my best friend,
Yes I may wobble,
Ups and downs,
Like a balloon, I’ll bobble,

But with you deep
inside my heart,
Always together,
Never apart.

Poem TitleTo my Best Friend
Poem Writer / AuthorFuneral Inspirations
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