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what is a mum

By Joanna Miller

This poem is about How wonderful Mum role. An affectionate verse about mothers and all they do for us

What is a Mum Poem Lyrics

A weaner & musher, a milky tooth brusher

A rocker & feeder, a storytime reader

A fairy cake baker & fancy dress maker

A wiper & washer & bad habit squasher

A dirty sheet changer, a room rearranger

A keen stain remover, a wielder of hoover

A peeler & cooker, appointment booker

A loyal defender & Christmas card sender

A playdate arranger, alerter of danger

A suitcase packer, a dishwasher stacker

A ‘be quiet’ hisser, a cuddly kisser

An early riser, a birthday surpriser

A list compiler, a proud parent smiler

A talented wrapper, a tireless clapper

A lavatory flusher, a praiser & gusher

A listening ear, a good refereer

A source of a fiver, a free taxi driver

A smoothie blender & broken heart mender

A consummate shopper, embarrassing bopper

A grocery bagger & homework nagger

That’s what makes a Mum!

Poem TitleWhat is a Mum Poem
Poem Writer / AuthorJoanna Miller
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