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Fatther Funeral Poem

you taught me how

By Funeral Inspirations

This Poem written to a great Dad who taught Everything about life to his son

you taught me how Poem Lyrics

You never believed there was a God,
You thought the concept was just odd,
You didn’t mind for those that did,
But you’d decided as a kid.

You always put all others first,
Even though you felt much worse,
It was just the way you were,
That other people you’d prefer.

You helped me out with many things,
You had a hand in everything,
But yet you taught me to stand strong,
And always choose right over wrong.

You showed me how to nail a nail,
Or fix the loo should it just fail,
I wish that I had listened more,
But I was young, prone to ignore.

And suddenly there was a space,
When you had stood, there was no face,
You had gone and disappeared,
It was everything I’d feared.

But in my heart I hear you still,
I’ll find the way, I have that will,
I’ll make you smile, laugh and proud,
I love you dad, I’ll shout out loud.

Poem TitleYou taught me how
Poem Writer / AuthorFuneral Inspirations
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