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Father Funeral Poem

Your Best Vest

Unknown Author

This poem is about saying goodbye to great Dad. Remembering Dad’s bad jokes and the goodness that have done in the past.

Your Best Vest Poem Lyrics

Dad you’ve put your foot in it,
In fact it’s so much worse,
You haven’t just made a mistake,
You’re now driven in a hearse

Oh why could you not just sit still?
Not always tinker about,
We’ll miss you lots, even your bad jokes,
And the way you made mum shout.

But truth be told in all you did,
You always put us first,
And now you’re gone we miss you so,
This feeling is the worst.
So lie there still and find some peace,
It’s time for you to rest,
We will always honour you,
As you RIP in your best vest.

Poem TitleYour Best Vest Poem
Poem Writer / AuthorUnknown Author
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