Grave Maintenance & Upkeep

For some people, visiting the local cemetery or churchyard to care for the grave of a loved one can be an extremely difficult thing to do. There are many reasons for this, such as age, illness, or geographics if you have moved away or even abroad. There are also those who find it difficult to attend due to work or family commitments, again especially if they no longer live near the grave in question. This can result in the grave looking untended and forgotten, even if it’s not.

One solution to the problem however, are companies who provide grave and memorial tending services. Starting from a few pounds per month, these companies will visit and tend the designated grave on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Some people request tending on an anniversary or birthday, others may want fresh flowers laid every month and the stone washed every spring. There are many packages available – with some companies being regional and others nationwide, but for those who struggle to maintain a close relatives grave for any reason, this service could certainly be a great solution. (Derbyshire area) (Norfolk & Suffolk) (Rutland, Stamford and Peterboroughs area) (Northern Ireland) (UK wide) (UK wide) (West Yorkshire area) (Sussex based) (UK wide) (Berkshire area) (Staffordshire) (Norfolk & Suffolk) (Gwent) (Glasgow area)

This is just a selection of companies who offer this kind of service. If you can’t find someone suitable from this list, then your local yellow pages may be your next best bet.