Professional Event Planners

As well as the funeral, holding a memorial event such as a wake, farewell party, or celebration of life when a loved one dies, can be a wonderful way to pay tribute to them. More often than not, this will usually involve impromptu sandwiches and a cup of tea back at a relations house or maybe something stronger down the pub. For those who wish for something a bit more grand however, (and have a budget to cover it), there is a growing market for events companies to diversify from just weddings, or corporate functions, to cover funerals as well.

Using an event planner can assist you with as little or as much of the planning as you wish. From organising a venue or marquee, to sorting the food, drinks, flowers and music, for a price, they can create a truly special, unique and bespoke farewell, however small and subtle or large and unusual. If you think arranging a fitting farewell for a loved one, following their death will be too over-whelming, then an “event planner” could be the way to go.