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What is an order of service for a funeral?

What Is An Order Of Service For A Funeral?

An order of services plays an important role in wedding ceremonies or in funerals. It’s not only to guide your guests but also to guide them about each and every part of service.
It includes the following:

  • The Front Cover

    – The layout is quietly simple. For the front cover you need following things:
    • Picture of the remembered perso
    • Full legal name.
    • Birth date and death date.
    • Venue and timings
  • The Inside Contents

    – Main things to include are:
    • Paragraph about the remembered person.
    • List of family members
    • A timeline of the day
    • Poems or hymns
    • A thank you note to your guests at the end.
  • Back cover

  • the back cover is normally forgotten but it’s always nice to make use of it by adding some lines from a poem or inspirational quote that will sum up the event.