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Eulogy Examples For a Brother

Writing a fitting tribute to your brother

Im deeply sorry that you find yourself on this page.

Having experienced loss myself, I understand how hard preparing something like a eulogy can be, especially for someone as close as a brother.

Below are some videos of the best eulogy examples for a brother’s funeral I have found,

I hope they will help give you some inspirations and ideas to make your tribute as fitting as possible.

I’ve also shared some examples, tips & eulogy templates from professional writers to help you craft your own eulogy

A short eulogy from younger brother

This lovely eulogy is short, has some funny parts, and includes a short story that really shows his brother’s character.

Eulogy Transcript

short Christian eulogy

This is a short and sweet eulogy to a brother who knew he was dying. It speaks about God and is a poignant tribute from a younger brother.

Eulogy Transcript

eulogy for brother from sister

This eulogy is a great template to follow, it has some lovely tributes and a short time frame for you to replace any short snippets to make it as easy as possible for you to read.

Eulogy Transcript

Eulogy for bother from best friend

Whilst not technically his brother, this is a great eulogy that shares some lovely stories that really capture the essence of the life lost.
I really like the stories this man shares, it captures the deceased personality but be aware not to talk about yourself too much. There should be a lot more mentions of [Name] Vs ‘I’

how to write eulogy

This lovely, short guide will not only make you appreciate the opportunity you have been given to deliver a eulogy but also gives 3 little tips to help make it something truly personal.

  1. bring them to life by describing how they would have reacted to today
  2. tell stories that describe the person/characteristics
  3. tell them exactly what they meant to you as if they were with you.

Eulogy Template

All of the best eulogies seem to contain a story that conveys the characteristics of your brother.

Whilst creating a ‘one size fits all‘ approach to writing a eulogy is impossible (and so it should be) below is a template that I hope will help in some way.

Before using the below eulogy template, answer these questions that will help you fill in the gaps

Name of deceased:
Family/friends present:
Stories that come to mind:

I’ve added a PDF version for you to print off to allow you to write the eulogy out, which might help.

My Brothers Eulogy Template

1. Introduce yourself to everyone attending……

For anyone that doesn’t know me, I’m Adam – [NAME] Brother

2. Decide on one of their main characteristics and jump straight into a story that showcases that (a joke he always told, was he cheap, always late, gave up his time etc)

I know [NAME] would be here shaking his head at what I’m wearing. He was always the best dressed in the room and I know for a fact he would be picking me up on my oversized trousers or drab colour of shirt – which is why I purposefully wore the most boring suit I could find, just as a last two fingers to my big bro!

3. Generic paragraph that lends itself to highlighting his other characteristics in a nice way

I couldn’t think of a better way to start this, than by mentioning his dress sense, because to a lot of people, that was [NAME], but he was so much more!
I don’t know how to start to describe someone as funny, kind, and gentle as [NAME] – and coming from his brother, that counts for double. 

4. Generic paragraph that lends itself to including as many other family members, friends, and colleagues as you’d like

I’ve learned over the last few days, as we have all come to grips with what has happened, that whilst [NAME] isn’t here physically, he is the memories that we all carry with us of him.
I’m reminded of how honored I am to have shared so much time together with him and for being his brother.

We should all be honored and proud. 

Sarah & Jason, you should be honoured to remember [NAME] as your Father

Linda, you should be honored to remember [NAME] as your Husband & soulmate.
Mum & Dad, you should be honoured to remember [NAME] as your Son.
Nigel & Sam, be honoured to remember [NAME] as your sports buddy.
The rest of you should be honored to know that [NAME] was judging you on what you wore every time he saw you – he really did love you all dearly.

5. Generic paragraph that lends itself to describing what he meant to you, how he will shape your / others’ future, and also includes a little reference to the characteristic at the beginning – a note that when they do this, they will remember him.

It goes without saying what [NAME] meant to me and to you all. But knowing that he continues to mean a lot and that his actions & attitude continue to shape the person I am, means that his life and memory are not lost, it’s an ingrained part of me and everyone he touched.

So, continue to miss [NAME], reminisce over old stories & laugh about memories but know that when you are looking in your wardrobe for something to wear, [NAME] is with you and he will always be a part of us. 

6. Generic goodbye with some emotion that reflects a characteristic of him

Saying goodbye is the hardest bit and this is probably the bit I’ve practiced the most because I really didn’t want to cry over my brother who always said I should be in touch with my feeling more, so I’ll keep it short & sweet.
Thank you [NAME], for everything – I’ll miss you Big Bro!

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