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Best Friend Funeral Poem

Butterflies in the breeze

Unknown Author

A heartfelt Poem about losing someone we love.  This poem describes that whomever has passed away is still with us all somehow seems a great comfort.

Butterflies in the breeze Poem Lyrics

The butterflies on the breeze,
The whisper through the trees,
The crinkle on the leaves,
Was it you?

The sparkle in the stream,
The murmurs in my dream
The efforts for our team,
Was it you?

The beauty that beguiled,
The sounds of the wild,
The giggle of my child,
Was it you?

The fragrance in the flower,
The rainbow after the shower,
The chiming of the hour,
Was it you?

The bobbing of the bird,
The softly spoken word,
The “love you” that’s unheard,
Was it you?

I know it was you,

Poem TitleButterflies in the breeze Poem
Poem Writer / AuthorAuthor Unknown
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