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Child Funeral Poem

Child loss for a friend Poem

By Funeral Inspirations

This poem is addressed to parents who have lost their children. This poem is a word of encouragement from a friend to a friend who lost his/her child

Child loss for a friend Poem Lyrics

Loss it is so cruel,
A sadness that can burn,
Little things can haunt you,
With darkness at every turn.
Your heart though knows that you are good,
You did your best each day,
And though time it may have been brief,
It was special in every way.
You are struggling right now,
But that’s perfectly okay,
Life is cruel and so unfair,
There is little more to say.
But please try to remember,
Why it hurts so deep inside,
Why every day’s a struggle,
Why at times you’ve simply cried.
If you didn’t love or care about,
Those that are now gone,
You wouldn’t feel the pain inside,
Or question what you’ve done.
It’s because you cared so much for them,
And because you gave you’re all,
That it feels like it hurts much more now,
You simply had further to fall.
So all that love and care you gave,
Wasn’t wasted, not one bit,
You gave the best life to your child,
No question about it.

Poem TitleChild loss for a friend Poem
Poem Writer / AuthorFuneral Inspirations
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