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Grandad Funeral Poem

The Way Your were, Grandad

By Funeral Inspirations

A poem about an unforgettable memories with Grandad who already passed away

The Way Your were, Grandad Poem Lyrics

That phrase you used when you were mad,
“Even his mum can’t love that lad!”

The way you smoke a pipe was cool,
When I tried myself, you said “you fool”.
The way you got every first round,
But told me I couldn’t borrow a pound.
The way you had your fav’ pub chair,
And heaven help others who sat there.
The way you swore when you lost a bet,
And cursed your friend’s “best tip yet”.
The way you gave your dog nice treats,
Before you yourself sat down to eat.
The way you were just so polite,
You taught me well, you taught me right,
But if you heard me read these words,
You’d humbly say I was absurd,
That’s why we’ll miss you, every day,
‘Cos you were you, in every way.

Poem TitleThe Way Your were, Grandad
Poem Writer / AuthorFuneral Inspirations
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