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Child Funeral Poem

To all parents poem

By Funeral Inspirations

A poem on grieving over Loss of a child. This poem describes how hard it is to say goodbye to the most loved Child.

To all parents poem Lyrics

You may not feel it deep inside,
But believe me you are strong,
Look at all that you’ve achieved,
So much right, so little wrong.

You might think that it is your fault,
But that simply isn’t true,
Life can be so cruel at times,
And there’s nothing you can do.

Yes, it is the hardest thing,
For you to have to take,
Losing a child, it is not fair,
But there’s choices you can make.

You can remember all the good times,
Or just focus on the loss,
The first will help your heart to mend,
The second has high cost.

It isn’t fair, and yes it’s hard,
But it is the only way,
To honour and remember,
Your lovely child each day.

So memories, do keep them,
And try to please be strong,
Your child was loved so much each day
By you, and that’s not wrong.

Honour their life and cherish it,
Remind yourself each day,
That you were kind and loving,
Because you knew no other way.

Poem TitleTo all parents poem
Poem Writer / AuthorFuneral Inspirations
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